Spacee Mention In Tiffany Sunday Article

- Sep 14, 2018

Tiffany Sunday, a Spacee friend, wrote this great article about Dyslexia Awareness. a snippet of the her article included,

"Starting today, in all my presentations going forward, I will talk about the unsung dyslexia heroes who in their jobs, develop on-the-fly workarounds, adapt to the ever-changing work environment, while using their dyslexia talents to solve complex problems or create something new.

I think about the chemist who uses his visual-spatial skills to develop new methods for refining crude oil, to the researcher who uses her big-picture thinking to solve problems for clients, or the micro-entrepreneur in Afraid who is starting a school for dyslexic students. I think about my friend Skip Howard, who is a co-founder of Spacee, an amazing startup that designs spatial spaces."

We encourage you to please check out more of the article as well as Tiffany's other postings!

Please follow the link and give it a read!

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