What's new in the Spacee Universe

Our Automotive Inspiration Of The Day!

We are really inspired by these!

Spacee Is Going To Digital Dealer 2018

Come visit team Spacee at Digital Dealer 2018. We are really excited to showcase our new solutions and we will also be unveiling two new products!

Moving Day For Spacee!!

We moved into our new space today. We can't wait to show what experiences we have in store!

Simulated Reality On 3-D Printed Objects By Spacee, Shown At NRF 2018

Skip shows our Spacee Tech Simulated Reality on 3-D printed objects.

Spacee Unveils Their Intelligent Apparel Feature at NRF 2018

Skip unveils Spacee's Intelligent Apparel tech at NRF 2018! Spacee brings interactivity to physical items. The clothing doesn't have any RFID tags, Beacons or anything embedded in the clothing. This means no cost added to the physical products.

We Are Showing Off More Tech At NRF 2018. Check Out Our 6ft Tall Opaque Touch Glass.

Skip demos our touch glass at NRF 2018. Click the link to see the video below.

We Are Inspired By This Article By Lauren Thomas - CNBC. "Retailers Need Technology Within The Store." - Steven Lowy

We love this article. This really explains the current environment.

Spacee Introduces "Interactive Packaging" at NRF 2018

We are excited to unveil our "Interactive Packing" at NRF 2018!

We Recently Unveiled Our Interactive Packaging At NRF 2018!

This past January, we unveiled our Interactive Packing. The digital interacts with the static!

Spacee featured In French Journal, Journaldunet

Big Thanks to Quentin Ebrard for writing about us!