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Making the physical world digitally interactive through deviceless mixed reality

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The Touch Car Experience ®

Introducing the world’s first touch-enabled car created by Spacee in a partnership with Mercedes Benz of Plano. Aptly named, The Touch Car Experience ®, this project is designed to transform the way customers shop and interact with physical items. It’s the first of its kind and it is currently on display today at The Shops At Willow Bend in Plano, Texas

  • No Phones or Tablets

    Spacee Technology does not require a phone, tablet or any other device.

  • No Glasses or Helmets

    Leaders in spatial augmented reality. You can leave the VR hemlets at home.

  • No Apps and No Friction

    Users instantly interact with surfaces and space without training. We deliver zero friction.


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What if you could make everything touchable and interactive?
What if a retail space could understand intent vs. browsing?
What if the space knew your demographic details or emotional state?
What if a system could change displayed content based on any variable?
We can stop asking "What if"

Spacee makes it possible.

The Touch Car Experience

Patent Pending

The Touch Car Experience went live on July 3rd, 2015 at The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, Texas. This pilot program is the latest version of the Spacee Overlay system. Future versions will include mobile interactivity.


Introducing the world’s first touch-enabled car created by Spacee in a partnership with Mercedes Benz of Plano.

How does it work?

  • The vehicle begins in a passive state. A customer will approach the vehicle and is then invited to touch an icon to begin.
  • Using the latest in projection mapping techniques, a transition animation is displayed to the customer and the projection enters an active state.
  • In the active state, a series of touchable icons are presented, allowing the customer to interact and explore the available information. Once the user placed his or her hand on the icon, the system will register a ‘touch’ and will be able to show the user the correct content in a new animated video.
  • Once the content video has ended, the system will return to its active state. The customer will be able to choose other icons and explore even more content about the vehicle.
  • Touchable icons are not just limited to one spot on the vehicle or even to the vehicle itself.
  • The framework of the Touch Car Experience is extremely flexible and allows for creative new ideas.
  • After a period of inactivity, the vehicle’s state will enter a passive mode inviting the next customer to come and explore the Touch Car Experience.

Spacee Overlay

The Spacee Overlay is what we are calling the system that allows products and items to become interactive. Imagine an invisible digital blanket (an overlay) covering an item. Any part of the overlay can be programmed to become touchable, responsive and interactive. This system works best when projecting light from a birds-eye view or at a sharp angle.

Below are several uses for this technology.

Touch-enabled Cars

The Touch Car Experience is an example of this applied to automobiles. The capabilities will be greatly expanded in our upcoming version.


Imagine sitting on a sofa and the sofa reacts to you. Calculate posture, explore the features, or even place an order from the nearest cushion.


Projections of a 2D screen onto a table allow unlimited games to be played on the table or food and drinks ordering. How about empty glass detection?


Interactive food can trigger alerts as quantities run low. Why not a wedding cake that talks?


Stone or Ice sculptures come to life as a user begins to interact. Sculptures can become interactive digital signs.


The possibilities are endless and are only limited to the imagination. Contact us to explore your project today.

Spacee Wall

Patent Pending

The Spacee wall can see itself and the world in front of it and is able to turn any 2D surface into a touchscreen. The Spacee wall is made up of a projected image or TV, a camera and a computer. Using a projector, we can make an interactive Spacee wall on a real wall. Almost any surface can become interactive. Surfaces like walls, mist waterfalls, sand tables, doors, floors, and of course TVs. More features:

  • Works with non touch-enabled TV or projected image.
  • Worried about security? It works behind glass.
  • It can be easily moved and doesn't requre a permanent installation.
  • Perform facial detection and recognition.
  • Perform emotion recognition.
  • Calculates real-time demographic data based on use.
  • Interfaces with a mobile device.
  • Allows in-air gestures.
  • Performs augmented reality by using a virtual green screen.
  • Even items outside of the display become ‘touchable’ and interactive.



We will listen and sit with you to understand your needs. Then we apply our knowledge and ideas to solving your problem.


Spacee provides world class creative expertese in video, imagery and content creation.


The Spacee technology platform is powerful, versitle and scalable. Once a project is delivered, it is complete.


Spacee offers several mainenance packages that include discounts on future content delivery needs.

The Leadership

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Pictured: Marc Gilpin, Larry McNutt and Skip Howard

"We love working on projects that are so mind-blowing, that users cannot help but to pay attention and engage."

Spacee is a company whose mission is to create amazing spatial experiences. Its goal is to turn everything, including walls, floors, objects, objects and even the space in-between into interactive digital spaces that augment physical reality. Spacee is building the future.

A Simple Process

  • Learn

    The most important step is to listen to the needs of our clients. Using agile methods, we keep it lean.

  • Dream

    Staying ahead and inventing the future: Our core value is to create innovative ideas.

  • Execute

    We deliver, period. We define and measure success for each project. ROI is modeled everytime.


Our greatest strength is our people.

If you are full of ideas, you are ambitious and you are an honest person, then you are on the right page. Talent can be taught but the right attitude, character and loyalty will take you all the way to the top in this organization. Our client’s feedback reflects the top talent and good reputation we have worked hard to build. Our primary focus is to serve the needs of businesses and to make life better through what we produce by listening, innovating, and delivering more that what is expected.

Our mission is to enhance each of our client’s lives through their businesses and to help them become leaders in their market space. This is achieved by offering:

  • Innovation and automation in every application from the design to the implementation.
  • Cutting edge technologies that offer the ability to change the world.
  • Building personal relationships with clients that produce our motivation.
  • Keeping in mind that the clients we serve may not be technical and need easy to use systems.
  • Excellence through service. We serve people, we serve people and we serve people.

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